In this mini episode we take notice of the finer points of spring's arrival, and turn our gaze towards a bright object in the morning sky. Species in ...View Details

In this episode we feed some ducks in the park and find ourselves remembering an unexpected life bird, an Anna's Hummingbird one cold January morning ...View Details

In this episode we travel around York County, Maine with three friends, Doug Hitchcox, Nick Lund, and Michael Tucker to celebrate as many "First of Ye...View Details

Episode 9: Florida Lake

In this episode we take a walk around Florida Lake Park in Freeport, Maine to listen to the birdsongs of spring migration and reminisce about former ‘...View Details

In this episode we are hanging around in an old garage to listen in on a fledgeling Carolina Wren and it's parent, as the little one prepares to leave...View Details

In this episode a sleepless night leads to a bleary morning walk where we discover a bird that makes sub-sonic booms to stake out a territory and find...View Details

In this episode, our host shares the story of his son's birth, and sudden awareness of the generations that have come before him. Plus we learn a litt...View Details

In this episode we return to the frog pond for a meditative evening with a tiny little amphibian well-loved for their distinctive song. We're presenti...View Details

In this episode a chance encounter with some Black-capped Chickadees sends us down a fascinating trail of bird facts, and a little bit of Maine histor...View Details

In this episode we take a trip out to the pond to listen to another sound of spring. In what perhaps is the twist of a lifetime, it's not a sound made...View Details

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