In this episode we are hanging around in an old garage to listen in on a fledgeling Carolina Wren and it's parent, as the little one prepares to leave...View Details

In this episode a sleepless night leads to a bleary morning walk where we discover a bird that makes sub-sonic booms to stake out a territory and find...View Details

In this episode, our host shares the story of his son's birth, and sudden awareness of the generations that have come before him. Plus we learn a litt...View Details

In this episode we return to the frog pond for a meditative evening with a tiny little amphibian well-loved for their distinctive song. We're presenti...View Details

In this episode a chance encounter with some Black-capped Chickadees sends us down a fascinating trail of bird facts, and a little bit of Maine histor...View Details

In this episode we take a trip out to the pond to listen to another sound of spring. In what perhaps is the twist of a lifetime, it's not a sound made...View Details

In this episode my love for American Woodcocks (and how weird they are) should become apparent, as I go searching in my backyard to find one.  Species...View Details

The inaugural episode. Blackbirds, blue jays, and the turning of the seasons in the year of COVID-19.   Written, recorded, and produced by Ian Carlsen...View Details